Halo160 Blast Resistant Litter Bin / Trash Receptacle


Enhanced Safety in Public Areas
The HALO 160 has been independently tested to the latest stringent UK Home Office Standards (2011). It has a high charge capability and it’s designed to work even when the explosive device detonates near the side or the bottom of the unit, unlike many alternative solutions on the market. The shell remains intact, providing all round lateral protection.

HALO 160 Highlights
The Halo 160 has been developed for increased safety in medium threat, high footfall environments.
While the TC95 litter bin is the choice for highest threat environments, the Halo 160 caters for a medium to high threat level with a higher litter/trash capacity and lower price point.

The Halo blast resistant litter bin range by Energetics Technology Ltd provide a robust solution to waste management with simple designs and easy maintenance.


  • Simple installation requirements reducing the potential high cost of some groundworks
  • Also has an extended product life as all external components can be replaced and updated while retaining the blast protective core of the litter bin.
  • Has the highest capacity of the range with a mammoth 160 litre/40 US gallon litter/trash capacity.

Vulnerable Targets
Public streets /Transport hubs – airports/ train stations/ bus stations/ underground stations/ Shopping centres and malls/ Museums/ Government buildings /Military facilities/ Amusement- theme parks /Company headquarters/ Mail rooms /Embassies/ Police stations /Banks/ City centres/ Sports stadiums


  • Powder coated sleeve to any standard RAL colour
  • Vinyl labels for recycling information, logos or branding etc
  • Fire retardant liner
  • Cigarette Stubber Plates in the lid

Height:   820mm / 32.3″
Diameter:   735mm / 28.9″
Weight     200 Kg / 440 lbs
Volume    160 Litres / 40 US Gallons