IU1700 Threat Containment Unit


Suspect parcels and packages safely contained in seconds
The IU1700 threat mitigation unit from Energetics Technology revolutionises the rapid and safe isolation and removal of IED threats in high volume screening operations. Internally lined with SABREMAT™.

 IU 1700 Highlights
Designed to meet the demanding needs of global couriers during international cargo screening, the IU1700 is an option for airports facing potential threats when receiving packages by courier, or through the postal system. The unit assists in maintaining business operational continuity.

The door locking mechanism is spring loaded to allow for a single action positive closure, this means that the door may be shut and locked in a single operation.

The unit does not rely on any electronic, pneumatic or hydraulic components, preventing unit failure or initiate detonation. The internal shelf can be pulled out on telescopic slides to allow the operator to easily place a suspect package centrally upon the shelf. The shelf can then be slid back into the unit.

The internal shelf can be removed to allow for larger suspect packages. The IU1700 comes fitted with four 150mm diameter pressed steel castors and non-marking treads allowing for low rolling resistance and high abrasion resistance.


  • Protects people and surroundings from lethal blast effects
  • Blast and fragment containment – many times the anticipated threat level
  • Sized to fit all major courier 25kg standard boxes (FedEx, UPS, DHL)
  • Suspect parcels easily contained in seconds and safely removed for resolution
  • Simple operation – easily operated by one man
  • Single action self-locking for prompt closure
  • Avoids costly evacuations or disruption of business operations
  • Easily manoeuvred by one person
  • Lockable wheel for stability
  • Heavy duty internal shelf – holds up to 70kg in weight
  •  Removable internal shelf – allowing for larger packages
  •  Full face opening for easy internal access
  • Simple operation with minimal training
  • No hydraulics, pneumatics or electrics to fail or initiate detonation
  • RF shielding properties of up to 20Dd to reduce the chance of remote detonation by mobile phone or Wi-Fi
  •  Available in a variety of colours and finishes
  • Optional logos can be added

External Dimensions
Height:   1180 mm /46.5″
Depth:   1220 mm / 48″
Width : 990 mm / 39″

Internal Dimensions
Height:    600 mm / 24″
Depth:     785 mm / 31″
Width:     520 mm / 20.5″

Total Weight             720 Kg / 1587 lbs
Internal Volume       245 Litres / 8.65 FT3