Halo80 Plus Blast Resistant Litter Bin / Trash Receptacle


Enhanced Safety in Public Areas
Energetics Technology presents an important new development in the field of public and infrastructure protection – the HALO 80 Plus. Using a brand new technology, Energetics Technology have developed the HALO 80 Plus with extensively improved protective performance against higher explosives overpressures and increased protection from high velocity fragments. The HALO 80 Plus defines a whole new level in blast protection for a small size bin.

The Halo 80 Plus Blast Resistant Litter Bin provides an ideal solution to the threat of terrorist attacks in public areas by protecting against the blast and fragmentation of an explosive device, also reducing overpressure.

Halo 80 Plus Highlights
While the HALO 80 Plus looks exactly like a standard HALO 80 from the outside, it is a very different litter bin, with extensively improved protective performance against higher explosive overpressure and increased protection from high velocity fragments. The innovative design means that the bin does not need to be attached to the ground to fulfil it’s blast protecting duties. This saves time and money for the facilities team installing the bins, and means that personnel and infrastructure protection can be in place quickly with a minimum of disruption, in response to changing threat locations. The blast protection has been enhanced to protect even against very large quantities of explosive and fragments.

It can also be used as a temporary repository for suspect or suspicious package(s) in mail rooms whilst waiting for trained authorities to arrive and deal with the package(s).
It comes with two different colour lid options. There are many reasons for obtaining a Lid. There are the usual litter / garbage containment and rain protections issues, but they can also acts as a deterrent for placing a package or rucksack inside.


  • Exceptional blast mitigation
  • 360° protection from blast and fragmentation
  • Reduces blast overpressure
  • Incorporates SABREMATTM technology
  • Easy to use for efficient every day emptying
  • Durable design for busy environments
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Large litter capacity using standard refuse sacks
  • Self draining for external use
  • Covered option available
  • Available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit customer specifications
  • Bolt down mounting for extra safety

Vulnerable Targets
Public streets /Transport hubs – airports/ train stations/ bus stations/ underground stations/ Shopping centres and malls/ Museums/ Government buildings /Military facilities/ Amusement- theme parks /Company headquarters/ Mail rooms /Embassies/ Police stations /Banks/ City centres/ Sports stadiums

The HALO 80 Plus can be fitted with accessories:
• Powder – coated sleeve to any standard RAL colour
• Lid can be polished metal or powder coated
• Limited aperture sleeve and lid
• Rain cover lid
• Recycling lids and section dividers
• Vinyl labels for recycling information, logos or branding etc.
• Cigarette stubber plates

Height:   780mm / 31″
Diameter:   560mm / 22″
Weight     220 Kg / 484 lbs
Volume    80 Litres / 18 gal