Hand Sanitising Station & Hand Sanitising Dispensers



Hand sanitising stations are convenient, efficient, and are the perfect way to distribute and ensure access to hand sanitiser in larger areas. Enclosed environments where people are working closely to one another are at a higher risk of spreading germs and as such they are especially useful in a workplace environment and schools. Preventing the spread of bacteria, viruses, and diseases ultimately results in lower levels of absences due to sickness.

Our dispensers are hassle-free and are designed to be easy to refill and maintain. We provide a choice of stands and wall-mounted installations to fulfil your needs and ensure flexibility when incorporating into your space.

Our units are also unique in that they are wifi-enabled, this allows the hand sanitiser stations to serve a double purpose by allowing the advertisement of promotions and customisation by branding to match your company’s profile. They can be seamlessly incorporated into the workspace providing functionality without compromising on image.