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G-1090 Air Traffic Receiver for ADS-B, Multilateration and FLARM

Swiss made and designed for exterior installation, the G-1090 natively detects aircraft equipped with ADS-B, Mode S and Mode A/C transponder (1090MHz). On demand, the G-1090 can also be equipped to receive FLARM (868MHz) and …

GA Military range – Mobile 400Hz Military Ground Power Unit (Diesel Engine Driven) for Military Aircraft from 90 to 180 kVA

GUINAULT has been manufacturing Ground Power Units for the Aviation Industry for more than 70 years (1949). Today, GUINAULT is recognized as a leading solution provider for Military Air Forces especially thanks to its robust …

GA range – Mobile 400 Hz Ground Power Unit (Diesel Engine Driven) from 90 to 180 kVA

The GUINAULT Ground Power Unit ensures the supply of electrical power to both civil and military aircraft, of all types in the most extreme environments. Their ultra-sturdy design is fully protected against corrosion and is …

GALAPAGOS Duty Free Trolley


1. Streamlined body design, simple and beautiful.
2. Compact the shape and durable in use for the one piece design of aluminum alloy body and handle with special handle trip.
3. Equipped with 4 swivel wheels, …

galaxi – green filter

With over 2,100 known toxins potentially present in tap water, water filters are often the last line of defense between the body and these toxins.That’s why OASIS are proud to present our high-output, high performance water …

Galaxy Gate 1.1

An elegant access gate with innovative technology

Front signalling ensures clear customer guidance
Integrated running light for easier orientation
High level of security thanks to integrated sensors

With its extra high safety glass swivel arms and …

Galaxy Port

Galaxy Port – State-of-the-art technology for barrier-free access

Toughened safety glass swivel arms for passages up 1,200 mm wide
LED glass dome with integrated RFID reader
Sensor-controlled two-way direction detection, double-sided

Galaxy Port access points open …

Garlic Smoked Honey – Badger Honey Spoon

Our smoked garlic honey is made by us on our farm using locally sourced honey and farm-fresh garlic. We use real apple wood to smoke our garlic over, before mixing it together with the honey …


Gas-tight container – Eva

Gas-tight container Eva is installed on the trailer and  is resistant to repeated detonation of explosives up to 8 kg of TNT equivalent.

The Eva system may be used at airport facility for safe and quick …

Gas-tight container – Paula

Gas-tight container Paula is designed to protect against all the effects of an explosion and toxic substances which can be contained in suspected luggage, packages or other hazardous items.

It allows multiple safe transport of suspected …

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