Gas-tight container - Eva


Gas-tight container Eva is installed on the trailer and  is resistant to repeated detonation of explosives up to 8 kg of TNT equivalent.

The Eva system may be used at airport facility for safe and quick isolation of suspected luggage. Its construction allows sampling of post-detonation gases. In case toxic gases are detected inside, decontamination unit may be used for its neutralization. Gas-tightness guarantees protection for people and environment against the effects of hazardous materials (biological or chemical agents) detonation.

Remote lifted platform (wired controlled) enables easy access to the bed/shelf for the operators to place the item. It is also possible to use EOD robots to avoid the risk for the operators.

1                Maximum explosive load of transported item:  8,0 kg (in TNT equivalent)

2                Maximum weight of transported item: 50 kg

3                Maximum gross weight of the vessel (together with the trailer and auxiliary equipment):  4000 kg

4                Maximum dimensions of transported item (W x H x L) : 500x700x900 mm

5                Dimensions of the set (trailer with the vessel) ready to transport :

5.1             Width: 2610 mm

5.2             Height: 2480 mm

5.3             Length: 5940 mm

6                Maximum length of steering cable: 25 m

7                Maximum range for radio steering (in open field) : 100 m

8                Maximum speed for trailer towing: 70 (km/h)

9                Maximum lateral inclination of the trailer : 15°

10              Operating temperature: -10 [°C] ÷ +60 [°C]