EOD Vehicle With Gas Tight Blast Proof Container - IRIS


EOD Vehicle With Gas Tight Blast-Proof Container IRIS is designed to isolate and transport suspicious items that may contain explosive material including terrorist charges, dirty bombs, IED’s.

The innovative solution allows fast and smooth operation in the urban area. The superstructure inspired by fire-fighting vehicles configuration enables to transport all specialized devices and tools required for bomb squad operation (X Ray, EOD suit, robot, hooks , ropes sets, additional equipment).

The container is designed to protect the surrounding from all effects of explosion – detonation wave, fragments, fire and toxic gases. The device can be used for safe transportation of explosives and other dangerous materials with a maximum explosive mass up to 5 kg (TNT equivalent), the maximum caliber of the projectile being transported: 100 mm OF-412. The construction of the container enables to take samples of post detonation gases securing the hermetic construction.

  1. Internal diameter of container body: 1600 mm
  2. Maximum mass of transported materials in TNT equivalent: 5 kg
  3. Maximum caliber of transported projectile: 100 mm OF-412

3.1 Width 500 mm
3.2 Height 450 mm
3.3 Length 900 mm

  1. Maximum weight of transported item ( luggage) 50 kg
  2. Supply voltage of the control system 24VDC±5V
  3. Temperature range                   -30 ÷ +50 oC