Explosion proof container - Wiktoria


Explosion proof container Wiktoria is used for safe transport of medium size UXO, misfired ammunition and other explosives up to 10 kg of TNT equivalent, undertaken by military patrols or other land clearance units, in compliance with applicable regulations. The container may also be installed at airports, ferry terminals and mail sorting centers for fast and safe isolation of suspected items and luggage which may contain explosives.

The container is installed on the trailer may be used in various weather and climate conditions – the trailer may be adjusted for public and/or unpaved roads (approval according to appropriate regulations).

WIKTORIA provides the effective protection for people and environment from heavy fragments and blast wave in case of uncontrolled detonation of the transported UXO or other hazardous materials.

Lifted platform is easy to handle for the operators and enables quick access to the inner shelf of the vessel. The product is designed to operate with EOD robots to minimize the risk for the operators.

  1. Maximum explosive load of transported item: 10,0 kg (in TNT equivalent)
  2. Maximum weight of transported item: 150 kg
  3. Maximum gross weight of the vessel (together with the trailer and auxiliary equipment): 5000 kg
  4. Dimensions of the set (trailer with the vessel) ready to transport :
    4.1. Width: 2480 mm
    4.2. Height: 2610 mm
    4.3. Length: 4820 mm
  5. Operating temperature: -10 [°C] ÷ +60 [°C]