Explosion proof container - Agata


Gas-tight container AGATA is used for safe transport and temporary storage of items containing explosives (e.g. projectiles, grenades or IED), as well as biological or chemical agents. In case of an explosion of charge up to 500 g of TNT equivalent (e.g. mortar 82 mm) the construction provides effective protection against shock wave and fragments. It can be used at airports, ferry terminals, distribution centers for quick isolation of suspected items (packages, letters etc.) which may contain explosives. The vessel is equipped with valves system, devices for internal pressure monitoring and connectors for sampling of post detonation gases (to be taken within 24 hours). AGATA can be installed on a trailer or special two-axle platform which allows easy maneuvering. The vessel is compatible to work with mobile decontamination unit PULSAR.

1. Max. container weight (without chassis) [kg]: 390

2. Dimensions of the vessel – H x W x L [mm]: 690 x 660 x 1100

3. Max. transported item dimensions – H x W x L [mm]: 300 x 300 x 500

4. Max. loading weight [kg]: 15

5. Loading window dimensions [mm]: Ø 450

6. Loading window opening method: manually

7. Max. internal volume [dm3]: 163

8. Resistance to explosion [equivalent of TNT in kg]: 0,5

9. Pressure in the vessel after detonation of charge up to 500 g of TNT equivalent [bars]: Approx. 5