STOLEM - device for transport and storage


Ventilated container STOLEM is designed for safe transport and storage of ammunition, explosives materials, initiators and UXO’s. The capacity of the device allows to contain (in a single box) hazardous items in quantity:

  • up to 8 kg of TNT equivalent for items which creates heavy fragments in case of explosion,
  • up to 10 kg of TNT equivalent for items which does not create heavy fragments in case of explosion.

Total gross weight of munitions to be placed inside the container is 6000 kg – it have to be placed in boxes in accordance with the Instructions for packaging which is an integral part of the ADR certificate.

STOLEM external dimensions are not bigger than ISO 1 CC container. Its frame is equipped with container corners enabling installation on typical transport means. The vessel is equipped with special armour resistant to explosion effects (blast wave and heavy fragments) in case of accidental detonation of transported/stored materials. Post detonation gases created during explosion are directed upwards to protect personnel.

STOLEM is equipped with:

  • armoured doors providing easy access to its interior,
  • special transport racks allowing to transport different types of munitions (which prevents from detonation transfer).
  1. Length: 6058 mm
  2. Width: 2438 mm
  3. Height: 2591 mm
  4. External diameter: 2400 mm
  5. Internal diameter: 2268 mm
  6. Max net weight: ~17 000 kg