Explosion proof container - Vera


Explosion proof container Vera is designed for fast and safe isolation and also transportation of suspected luggage to the place of its final disposal In case of detonation the device protects human health and life from effects of explosion of explosives up to 5 kg of TNT equivalent. The container may be installed at airports, ferry terminals and mail sorting centers for fast and safe isolation of suspected items and luggage which may contain explosives.

A main element of the container is a  steel drum closed from two sides. A loading window is equipped with the driving gear for steering closing cover. A loading shelf is mounted inside . It can be extended outside container body at distance of 580 mm. (As an option loading shelf can be equipped with conveyor belt that allows integration with BHS and remote unloading of suspected luggage).

The container is fixed on two axel trailer that can be towed on public roads with maximum speed of 70 km/h. Trailer is equipped with drawbar which has exchangeable towing coupling (for ball or pin type) that allows connection with different types of vehicles.

Steering of all device functions is conducted by control panel that communicates with the container by wire or by radio (as an option the device can be operated by set of buttons mounted on its frame).  Steering system is powered by set of batteries which are charged from standard electricity network when container is not used.

1                Maximum explosive load of transported item: 5,0 kg (in TNT equivalent)

2                Maximum weight of transported item: 50 kg

3                Maximum gross weight of the vessel (together with the trailer and auxiliary equipment): 3500 kg

4                Dimensions of the set (trailer with the vessel) ready to transport :

4.1             Width: 2000 (+100) mm

4.2             Height: 2480 (-50) mm

4.3             Length: 4900 (±200) mm

5                Electric connection: ~230 (V) AC, 50 (Hz)

6                Power supply for steering system: 24 V DC

7                Maximum speed for trailer towing: 70 (km/h)

8                Operating temperature: -20 [°C] ÷ +35[°C]