Gas-tight container - Paula


Gas-tight container Paula is designed to protect against all the effects of an explosion and toxic substances which can be contained in suspected luggage, packages or other hazardous items.

It allows multiple safe transport of suspected items beyond the area of people presence and sampling of post detonation gases in case of an explosion. The spherical body of the device has the volume of approximately 1,7 m³ and is made from steel.

The container body is made from two parts connected together with closing ring. One part is fixed to the frame, while the second one is fitted on the rails which allow container opening and enable access to the transport shelf. Closing of the container is sealed with gaskets made of a rubber resistant to high temperature.

The container body has two connectors mounted on the highest and the lowest point of the workspace equipped with high-pressure valves for sampling post detonation gases and enabling connection to the gas cleaning system.

Closing system is equipped with a rechargeable battery pack that allows to conduct multiple sequences of closing / opening of the container without the necessity to connect to external power source (batteries are charged when the device is not operating).

Control of all functions of the container allows the automation system, which is equipped with steering panel.

The container is mounted in two-axle trailer equipped with a height-adjustable drawbar and can be towed on public roads. The trailer has typical 7-pin connector – suitable for most electric installations.

The trailer is equipped with stabilizer feet.

1                Maximum explosive load of transported item: 5,0 kg (in TNT equivalent)

2                Maximum weight of transported item: 50 kg

3                Maximum gross weight of the vessel (together with the trailer and auxiliary equipment): 3500 kg

4                Maximum dimensions of transported item (W x H x L): 500x500x900 mm

5                Height of the transport shelf (from the ground): 1200 ±100 mm

6                Dimensions of the set (trailer with the vessel) ready to transport :

6.1             Width: 2000 (+100) mm

6.2             Height: 2480 (-50) mm

6.3             Length: 4900 (±200) mm

7                Electric connection: ~230 (V) AC, 50 (Hz)

8                Maximum length of steering cable: 25 m

9                Maximum range for radio steering (in open field): 100 m

10              Maximum speed for trailer towing: 70 (km/h)

11              Maximum lateral inclination of the trailer: 15°

12              Hitch of the trailer   ball Ø50 mm (DIN74058)

13              Operating temperature: -10 [°C] ÷ +60 [°C]