galaxi - green filter


With over 2,100 known toxins potentially present in tap water, water filters are often the last line of defense between the body and these toxins.That’s why OASIS are proud to present our high-output, high performance water filter, the galaxi.

With it’s long life designed to cut filter changes in half, the galaxi is the only filter needed for optimum filtration of chlorine, bad taste, odor, lead, sediment and cysts. The galaxi‘s unique filter design combines activated carbon with a cellulose-free synthetic fiber matrix; it performs as a sediment filter and a carbon block in a single cartridge! The galaxi selectively removes dangerous contaminants from drinking water while maintaining water pH balance, filtering twice as much as a typical filter!

The galaxi is designed as a drop-in filter for use in OASIS green filter solutions—the eco-friendly water filter system that reduces unnecessary filter housing waste.

Model Code Galaxi Filter
Size 0.5μm
Micron Rating 0.5
Scale Reduction
Sediment Rest Sand Stones Particles Removal + (Needs Pre-Filter)
Improves Taste and Odour +
Cyst Reduction +
Bacteriostatic Properties +
Removes Viruses Bacteria Micro-organisms
Pharmaceutical and Chemical Waste Removal