RLF8Y Remote Chiller


OASIS Remote Chillers deliver cold water on-demand. Designed to work under a sink, in remote installations or in a pressure drinking fountain, our water-friendly chillers dispense cold, fresh drinking water how and where you need it.

Standard Features:

  • RLF8Y deliver 60 Litres of chilled drinking water per hour
  • Designed for remote or In-A-Wall installation
  • Easy installation
  • Waterways are lead-free in materials and construction
  • High-efficiency stainless steel cooling tank
  • Energy-Efficient refrigeration system powers ‘ON’ only when in use or if water temp increases during long period of standby
  • Made of heavy-gauge steel
  • High-efficiency cooling tank and coil
  • Refrigerant R-134a
  • Shipped with complete instructions


  • Shelf Support
  • Wall Mounting Cradle
  • Stainless Steel Ventilating Grille
Model code RLF8Y
Weight (kgs) 24
Cold Tank Capacity (litres)
Hot Tank Capacity (litres)
Dimensions (cm’s)
    Width 41.7
    Depth 26.2
Power Consumption (Watts) 340
Total Current (Amps) 2.2
Cold Water Performance (litres / hr)
    21ºC ambient
    32ºC ambient 60