remedi - green filter


remedi is a new type of water filter media combining the proven benefits of standard pleated filters with a breakthrough in nano-technology to create a unique filter possessing reoval capabilities well beyond the scope of conventional filtration technologies.

It combines the use of physical filtration and electro-adhesion, to trap fine and ultra-fine particles down to an incredible 0.02 microns; resulting in a filter with higher removal capacities, reduced clogging, minimal pressure drop and longer life, even in the presence of saline (salt water) solutions.

Key Features:

  • Lower operational costs achieved from reduced maintenance cycles
  • Lower power consumption due to lower pressure drop profile
  • Improved water recovery and recycling rates
  • Reduced chemical inputs
  • Reduced maintenance and replacement cycles
Model Code Remedi Filter
Micron Rating Equiv. 0.02
CTO 50%
Scale Reduction
Sediment Rest Sand Stones Particles Removal + (Needs Pre-Filter)
Improves Taste and Odour +
Cyst Reduction +
Bacteriostatic Properties +
Removes Viruses Bacteria Micro-organisms +
Pharmaceutical and Chemical Waste Removal