Galaxy Gate 1.1


An elegant access gate with innovative technology

  • Front signalling ensures clear customer guidance
  • Integrated running light for easier orientation
  • High level of security thanks to integrated sensors

With its extra high safety glass swivel arms and various equipment options, the Galaxy Gate 1.1 ensures reliable access control

Sensor system
The Galaxy Gate 1.1 is equipped with integrated, intelligent sensor technology. This sensor system detects if a person is attempting to gain unauthorised access. The following improper conduct is detected by the sensor system:

  • Tailgating
    A person without authorisation follows a person with authorisation.
  • Opposite-direction infringement
    While an authorised individual passes through the Galaxy Gate in one direction, another person tries to go through it from the other direction.
  • Unauthorised holding-open of the gate
    When an individual stays longer than usual in the swivel area of the Galaxy Gate in order to enable access for an unauthorised person.
  • Crawling under
    When a person tries to crawl through under the swivel arms of the Galaxy Gate.
  • Unauthorised climbing over
    Tall swivel arms up to 1800 mm in height make climbing over difficult.
  • Pushing open
    Forcibly pushing or pulling the swivel arms open. Info: It is possible to push the swivel arms open for reasons of safety in emergencies; however, this cannot happen without it being noticed.
  • Safety zones
    Staying in the sensor area for a long period is regarded as manipulation and an alarm is triggered.
  • Passage with a trolley
    The Galaxy Gate can be passed through with a luggage trolley or transport trolley, and will only close once the individual and trolley have passed through.
  • Monitoring of the swivel area
    If any object with a minimum size of 10 cm³ is left in the swivel area, this is detected and an alarm is triggered.

The Galaxy Gate 1.1 can always be adapted to individual requirements and, with its extensive and innovative equipment, consistently ensures smooth and reliable processes.

Authorisation-based opening
Different authorisations can be used so the swivel arms open either through 90° or, for example, only through 30° so that the gate can enable different passage widths, and thereby reduce the level of investment needed. The application of the gate is adapted to each individual customer. The reduced opening (30°) of a wide passage ensures a high passage rate and smooth separation of individuals.

The Galaxy Gate can also be optionally equipped with a disinfectant dispenser and a thermal imaging camera with an info screen. This means the gate will only open following hand disinfection and a body temperature measurement. The thermal imaging camera reliably detects the use of mouth and nose coverings, or accordingly instructs users to wear one.

Thermal imaging camera, info screen
The built-in thermal imaging camera has been specially developed for measuring body temperature and reliably triggers alerts if values above the limit are detected. The info screen can also provide notification that the measurement has been performed.
Technical details:

  • 160 × 120 pixel thermal detector
  • Point, line and zone for measuring temperature
  • Temperature measurement range: 30°C to 45°C; Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5°C
  • 3D DNR, improvement of image details

Person counting
Person counting counts all instances of entry and exit through the passage. The current count can be displayed on an external screen or directly on the gate’s info screen. Differential counting (optional) ensures that the maximum number of people is not exceeded. The bag search function (optional) randomly blocks individuals from entering.


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