Vending Unit NG


Paying trolley release systems

/  Trolley guidance via the new rail profile and trolley adapter
/  Single or multiple row trolley provision
/  A variety of payment options and possibility to use as a deposit system.

Coin acceptance with automatic sorting, integrated alarm system, mechanical cash container locking, anti-theft multiple locking, graphics-enabled ticket/receipt printer and LAN interface for data exchange make the Vending Unit NG truly versatile.

The application “ETISS” (electronic secure transaction infrastructure software and services”) application manages vending ticket machines. The layout of the intelligent screen elements can be fully adapted to the corporate design of your company. Data is transferred between the machine and the application exclusively in encoded form. The incorporated security options enable a direct connection from the ticketing system to the Internet and so offer flexible management of components. Remote maintenance, central software distribution and an adapted alarm system are also included in the delivery of the software.

  • Built-in statistics/reporting function
  • Infrared remote control for service personnel
  • Illuminated, transreflective display
  • Freely configurable fee adjustment
  • Integrated alarm system
  • Mechanical locking of the cash containers