Travel 300


The tried-and-tested design with stable luggage support, the effective brake mechanism with a self-adjusting, maintenance-free brake and the exemplary reliability make the Travel 300 a popular worldwide choice for transporting luggage.

  • Antibacterial carrying handle
  • Plastic profiles prevent damage to the interior décor
  • Automatic brake, self-adjusting

A stylish space-saver
Wanzl luggage transport trolleys are stylish space-savers for use anywhere. Very versatile and capable of nesting extremely compactly, they allow even larger numbers to be used in all sectors – a benefit that everyone will appreciate. (image 2)

Standard equipment
Steel-tube design with sturdy luggage support. Self-adjusting, zero-maintenance brake. All-round bumper rail on the loading area. Practical basket for hand luggage or travel paraphernalia. Can be nested to save space. (image 3)

Galvanised, chrome-plated, transparent, polyester-coated. (image 4)

Castor wheels
2 fixed castors, 1 swivel castor, rubber treads. (image 5)

Antibacterial handle
Wanzl handles have an antibacterial plastic powder coating. For safety purposes, operating instructions are provided on the handle and on the inside of the generous hand luggage basket. for hand luggage. (image 6)

Articulated cap
Tight fit, easy to maintain and simply a pleasure to handle.(image 7)

Static/dynamic load capacity 300 kg/200 kg Weight 23 kg
Nesting depth 250 mm
Weight 23kg
Advertising space 4557 cm2
Castor wheels 2 fixed castors, 1 swivel castor
Castors 180 mm
Material Steel
Finish Galvanised chrome-plated transparent, polyester-coated
Alternative Material Electro-polished stainless-steel
Use on travelator Yes
Automatic brake Self-adjusting
Adapter for vending unit Yes
Coin Deposit System Yes
Travelator castor  Yes