14 Meter Pure Electric Airport Shuttle Bus


Our 14-meter electric buses have been described as “a masterpiece”, thanks to the exceptional technological features available. We take a more modest approach as we strive for continual improvement, but the modern design, smooth operation, and easy-to-maintain engines are at the heart of our vehicle development blueprint.

Reason why DINOBUS will be part of your successful business DNA?
The monocoque body structure and the multi-dimensional lightweight design of motors, batteries and interior and exterior trims reduce the weight of the entire vehicle.
The frame adopts a square tone, small, rounded transition, rigid and soft, smooth lines, beautiful and generous, giving people a feeling of elegance, kindness, and safety.
DINOBUS Pure Electric Airport Bus uses a self-patented lightweight aluminum alloy body, a full load-carrying electric bus chassis, high energy density batteries, an efficient energy-saving motor, an integrated intelligent electronic control system, an auxiliary system controller, a power steering pump, and the latest energy-saving electric air-conditioning system. This vehicle also offers distinct advantages of light weight and low energy consumption.

Smart & Intelligent Driving at Ease
Bus offers a fabulous driving experience beyond imagination with series of user-friendly designs. Magnetically closable driver cabin creates a comfortable and safe environment. Actia dashboard with adjustable console provides better adaptation to the driver for easy access to every control. Multiple devices and assistant systems are equipped to ensure effective and intelligent driving at ease, such as 360 panoramic view system, intelligent wiper system, Mobileye shield+ system.



  • Seat Plan: 8 passenger seats + 1 driver+1 wheel chair area
  • Total passenger capacity: up to 112
  • Overall size(mm): 13980*3050*3400
  • Max Speed(km/h): 119
  • Inner height(mm): 2610
  • Wheelbase(mm): 7700
  • Front overhang(mm): 2500
  • Rear overhang(mm): 3780
  • Front/Rear tread(mm): 2508/2340
  • Approach/Departure Angle: 7/5 degrees
  • Front axle load(kg): 8600
  • Rear axle load(kg): 13000
  • Suspension Front 2 + Rear 4 air suspension

Passenger Doors:

  • 1st Door: Aluminum alloy pneumatic anti-pinch double outer swing door
  • 2nd Door: Aluminum alloy pneumatic anti-pinch double outer swing door
  • 3rd Door: Aluminum alloy pneumatic anti-pinch double outer swing door
  • Front tyre: 315/80R22.5
  • Rear tyre: 295/80R22.5


  • Voith VPMA-274-320-6-R6, 700V, 3100Nm
  • Rated/Peak power: 410/311kw
  • Rated/Peak torque: 1917/3100Nm
  • Battery: CATL 210Kwh
  • Passenger area: Cooling power 32KW, Heating power 28KW;
  • Driver area: Cooling power 5KW, heating power 4KW.
  • Defroster: High voltage electric defroster
  • Dashboard: ACTIA Dashboard
  • Body type: Steel frame, Low Floor, zero emission
  • Warranty:Standard 3 years (200,000km) warranty.
  • Drive motor & Control Unit: 5 years (300,000km) which comes first.
  • Battery: 8 years (600,000km) which comes first, capacity no less than SOH70%.