Mail Screening Test Piece (MSTP)


MSTP is a test piece designed specifically to cover the full range in capability of both conveyorised and cabinet X-ray machines used for mail screening.  MSTP can be used quickly and easily on a regular basis (e.g. daily/weekly/monthly) to provide an ongoing check of imaging performance, particularly those aspects which are most liable to deterioration. Image quality is measured simply by counting the number of details detected or resolved in the image.  Recording these numbers over time will show any trend suggesting deterioration in imaging performance.

The MSTP is supplied in a protective case with user manual and log sheets for conveyorized and cabinet systems.

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Test 1 – Single wire resolution
Test 2 – Aluminium penetration
Test 3 – Spatial resolution
Test 4  – Thin material imaging
Test 5 – Materials discrimination
Test 6 – Powder imaging
Tests 7a and 7b – Paper penetration and threat resolution
Test 8 – Foil imaging