Baggage Check In Scale


Soehnle 3015 – the most used luggage scale in the check-in counters at major German airports.

Specially developed for the requirements of airports and passengers.

Fully modular design, the weighing system is separated into individual modules: 1 x central unit, 2 x display boards and 1 x keypad board.

Identical displays for operator and passenger, flat display boards for flush integration into the furniture, keypad also for flush integration, dirt-resistant, replaceable, everything connected by cable with plug-in connection.

Advantage: Free placement of the displays and the keyboard in the counter, where it fits best ergonomically, no bulky construction, no additional housing – the scale integrates perfectly into the furniture.

Scale main unit comes in stainless steel housing for free mounting independent of display and operating elements.

Interfaces available: Serial RS232, Ethernet, RS 422, potential free overload contact

Power connection 230 V AC with integrated power supply unit

EU calibration approval for legal for trade transactions

Fastest weighing process due to simple operation and clear display of the bag weight. Weight total and bag count are kept in the background and only displayed at the touch of a button if necessary.

Basic Operations 4 keys: ON/OFF/Zero, Totalize, Show Total, Delete Total

2 LED signal lamps to indicate successful totalisation and weight value in overload, plus acoustic alarm

Works with all strain gauge load cells for which an OIML test certificate is available.

Individual solutions also for single piece quantities, retrofit, external customer keyboard can be connected.

SBD option through data interfaces for weight transfer and scale remote control for on/off, keylock, zero, request data, alibi memory to secure LFT transactions.

Option scale system with 2 workstations with 4 displays on 1 scale platform

Option scale system with 1 display only for SBD application

Soehnle weighbridges are 100% oriented to the requirements of the conveyor system and are built to fit perfectly for seamless integration, with a low overall height of 80 mm using 4 load cells.