Baggage Handling System


Title: Baggage Handling System – BHS


Type: Belt

Applications: Baggage

Domain: for airports 


Integrated control and automation;

BHS designed taking into consideration redundancy and fail-safe options;

Integration with a wide variety of scanning devices.


  • Low noise;
  • Adjustable speed;
  • High capacity transport;
  • Available in a wide variety of layouts;
  • Low maintenance required;

For each BHS a dynamic simulation is made, from the design phase, to simulate capacity, critical points, optimal design solution, etc.

From the design of the solution (using special-purpose software to determine the total capacity of the Baggage Handling System) to the 3D design of the projects and up to the actual installation of the projects we ensure a high level of communication with the client. It is our strong belief that a high level of transparency is a key factor for having successful projects.