Passport Control Cabin


Title: Immigration counter – Custom Cabin


Type: check-in counters; immigration desks; emigration desks; information desks; transfer desks; customs desks; ticket sales desks, boarding, security screening, customs


for airports, other


Our Immigration counter have the following characteristics:

  • Visible structure made from stainless steel profiles.
  • The bottom of the cabin is made from wood material covered with special high traffic plastic material, gray color and it will cover also the electrical wirings.
  • For access in the cabin, a door is fitted. Made from wood and with duplex secured glass on top, 8 mm thickness.
  • The lateral window is made from duplex secured glass, sandblasted with horizontal stripes.
  • The front side of the wall is covered with stainless steel, with Corian and composite material.
  • The cabin is fitted with a front shelf.
  • The inside furniture is made from gray wood and the countertop is fitted with composite material (CORIAN).