Check-in Conveyor


Title: Check-in Conveyor 


Type: belt

Applications: baggage

Domain: for airport


  • Single units;
  • Double units (side by side);
  • Single-stage, double stage, triple stage available in both single or double units (side by side);
  • The control console can be integrated in the side of the conveyor or the Check-In Desk (Counter);
  • Low input height (310 mm);
  • Width from 500 mm up to 1.000 mm;
  • Fitted with sensors to control the positioning of the baggage on each conveyor.

The CITCOnveyors weigh-in solution uses the industries premium quality components like 4 loading cells platforms, precalibrated and CE certified, low noise and reliable drum motors, fire-retardant belts (smooth or diamond-shaped), high-quality stainless steel.

The design of the system ensures easy access to the weigh-in platform to grant easy access for the calibration and metrology check procedure and also ensures easy access for the maintenance operations.