Cable Carrying Alligator

JLC has consulted with airside operations engineers to manufacture and produce a safe, robust cable carrier that is designed to meet the needs of the crews that operate them.

JLC’s Unique Design

The JLC designed and manufactured Alligator Cable Carrier is designed for one-man operation and allows for the quick, safe carriage of power output cables from the FEGP to the aircraft.

The Alligator beams and integrated knuckles ensure the high voltage cables are protected during operation, thereby extending cable life. Available in 3m beam modules up to 30m, with either one or two 90kVA output(s). Combinations of 2m and 4m beam modules are offered, upon request.

Painted in Light Grey (RAL 7035), with reflective tape along the beams.

Key features

  • Beam Modules: Constructed in stainless steel with clipped down top cover to allow for easy access to the cable(s).
  • Articulated Knuckle: Manufactured from heavy duty steel, the knuckle offers complete cable protection whilst allowing a high degree of opening for the beam modules
  • Cable Basket: The basket is completely modular, with two output cable storage compartments.
  • Main cable: A 4 x 70mm² cable and 35mm²m earth cable runs from the Cable Basket to the power source
  • Output Cables: One or two, 10m AC, 4 x 70mm² output cables are supplied fitted with 400Hz aircraft sockets
  • Control Box: The control cabinet is IP66 rated and finished in Epoxy -Polyester power coated paint. The design allows for the quick and efficient replacement of the output cables
  • Operational Controls: Schneider Electric fully rated IP66 actuator operational buttons and LED’s fitted for each output. The design of these controls allows for easy replacement
  • Castors and Brakes: 300mm anti puncture wheels with roller castors provide free flowing movement

Reliability Is Our Priority

JLC Group provides a comprehensive range of ground power unit servicing and maintenance packages for all of our airside equipment, ensuring the equipment is always operating reliably, efficiently and safely. Our maintenance programmes include inspection, repair and remedial work, plus the provision of replacement cables, connectors and spare parts. To minimise the downtime in operation, a GPU service can be carried out on-site by JLC’s experienced and fully trained team of service engineers.