Blast Resistant sliding door system


Our blast-enhanced sliding door system combines the key properties required for blast protection with aesthetically pleasing and spacious design of any entrance door system, allowing for high levels of blast protection whilst maintaining the appearance of the building entrance or facade.

In line with the ever-growing international demand for blast enhanced products, the detailed design of our blast enhanced sliding doors meets blast-mitigating standards in new and improved ways. JLC Group are proud to provide a door that is 30% larger than any comparable system on the market.

Key Advantages of the system properties are:

  • Extremely robust design optimises operational reliability,
  • Door system still meets all BS EN 16005 safety regulations,
  • Largest sliding door system tested to ISO 16933 EXV25 blast classification,
  • Purpose designed retaining sections to increase structural integrity,
  • Various design choices & technical options available.
  • Doors able to be manually operated with ease following a blast – allowing for emergency services to enter and/or peoples to avoid being trapped.

Due to the nature of this product, we do not publish specifications publicly.