Body Temperature Control System


Our fever detection system based on thermal imaging has been developed in response to the global health crisis COVID-19 to help mitigate its impact by reducing the number of infections due to early detection.

The thermal camera is compliant with IEC 8061-2-59;2019 which certifies the taking of temperature in humans and allows the automatic monitoring, detection and warning of people with an abnormal body temperature.

This monitoring tool allows automatic detection and alert of any person who has an abnormal body temperature. If this alert is activated, the doors or the access control can react according to the programmed actions at the customer’s request.

The temperature is measured in the region adjacent to the lacrimal of each eye because it is the visible area that has the most stable temperature as it’s always humidified. The temperature of each subject is analysed and compared with the threshold specified above. If the subject’s temperature is above the threshold, an alarm is generated.

The solution consists of 3 main elements: the thermal camera, the temperature reference device and the control computer (not included) and the visualisation software. All this provides a high reliability due to the real-time closed-loop calibration.

  • Thermal camera: A high precision infrared camera based on a high sensitivity uncooled detector.
  • Temperature reference device: This device provides a temperature reference, controlled by a PID, to calibrate the camera in real time to achieve the best accuracy in each measurement.
  • Control and display PC: with the software application installed.