Cable Extender


Cable extender EAZ zigzag crocodile type cable extender is intended for storing and moving cables from the GPU to the aircraft.

It consists of up to 10 sections with a length of 5 meters each. Its simple modular design with bolt connections means a low maintenance cost.

All the metal details are hot dip galvanized and can be painted according to the clients wishes. EAZ has a very comfortable trolley with the store places for plugs and remote control to simplify operation of the GPU.


  • Dimension of square cross section of cable channel: 120х80 mm
  • Length of the section: 5 m
  • Number of sections: 10
  • Pull apart direction: left/right
  • Maximal angle of separation of two sections: 2700
  • Capacity of storage basket: up to 10 m of cable
  • Diameter of wheels: 300 mm
  • Minimum bending radius of cable: 125 mm
  • Weight of extender with cable: < 800 kg
  • Ambient temperature: -40 0С … +650С
  • Relative humidity: up to 100%
  • Number of cables: 1 or 2 pcs
  • Drain openings for ventilation
  • Protective cover on open parts of cable