Pop-Up Pit System - EAPOP Series


The EAPIT POP-UP system consists of an underground chamber and lifting mechanism with a counterweight opening system.

The EAPIT POP-UP can be equipped with preconditioned air (1-2 output hoses), set of sockets and/or 400Hz power (1-4 outputs) supply for aircraft at the parking places and hangars.
It has a remote control and access system. On the lower part there is a distribution box with a counterweight mechanism and sump pump.

Whatever your needs our EAPIT POP-UP system can be completed with ventilation or heating system and designed in compliance with all environmental concerns. Explosion proof execution is also available.
Applied force for opening/closing does not exceed 10 kg.

We supply EAPIT POP-UP assembled as much as possible to simplify its installation and connection.

General Parameters

Climatic execution: -40 to +65oC

Relative humidity: <90% (25 oC)

Material of main structure: hot deep galvanized steel

Electrical system

Input power, V: 3×400, N, PE ± 10%

Input frequency, Hz: 50

Junction box 50Hz: 400x500x120, in undeground chamber installation

Control box: 250x170x500, with indicators and control buttons

Emergency stop button: on the Control box, pull out for restart

Lifting system

Opening: counterweight

Bearings: S450 J2

Rise height, mm: 1200

Opening and closing strength, kg: 3-10

Upper limit switch: mechanical

Lower limit switch: mechanical

Indication and control buttons on the Control box

Flashing light: indication of EAPIT open position

Indicator of input power on: white

PCA, for each output (from 1 to 2):

PCA Run – green indicator

PCA fault – red indicator of the error in PCA operation

PCA Start – button with green indicator

PCA Stop – button with red indicator

400Hz power, for each output (from 1 to 4)

400Hz Start – button with green indicator

400Hz Stop – button with red indicator

400Hz Fault – red indicator of the error in 400Hz output operation


Protection class of electrical components: IP66



Sump pump (mandatory for outdoor installation): starts automatically when water level reaches certain level

Water alarm system: optional

CO2 concentration alarm: optional

Heater of underground chamber: optional, recommended for cold regions

Remote control: optional, full analog of Control box

Manhole cover: optional, installed separately from the lid, LWH – 930x930x100 mm, clear opening – 800×800, load in accord. EN 124 F900


Load capacity: EN 124 F900 (90t/m2)

Protection class: IP54

Dimensions, LW, mm: 1050×950, opening part 706×806

Antislip cover: AI, ribbed plate

Sealing: yes

Lid heater with thermostat: setting range of thermostat -10 oC to 80 oC ; thermostat installed inside of Control box, manually adjusted

Dimensions, 1-channel PCA or 400Hz

Frame, LWH, mm: 1160x1060x160

EAPIT C, LWH, mm: 1050x950x2747 (3894)

Dimensions, 2-channel PCA

Frame, LWH, mm: 1560x1060x160

EAPIT C, LWH, mm: 1450x950x2747 (3894)

Underground chamber (provided by customer)

Inner dimensions, LWH, MM: 2300x2300x3150

Material: concrete

Ventilation: natural

Lock: manual

Groundling bolt: on the Control box

 Norms, standards and directives that we follow:

ISO6858, ISO1540, BS 2G 219, MIL-STD-704F, EN 62040-1, EN 61000-6-4, EN 61000-6-25, EN61558-2-6, EN 2282, EN 1915-1, SAEARP 50 15, IEC 60721, IEC 60529, DFS400, GOST 54073-2010, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001, 2014/35/EU, 2004/108/EC, EN124 F900, MH/T 6107-1024 F900