Jet Blast Deflectors


IAC Aviation has for over 70 years been at the global forefront of jet blast protection solutions, with industry leading engineering design innovation combined with high performance, quality, manufacture and installation.  This facilitates the specification of jet blast deflector protection systems throughout the world’s airport facilities.

Our capabilities extend to a comprehensive design and engineering service, including adaptation or enhancement of existing designs to create a bespoke barrier, where requirements extend beyond standard specifications.

Vertical Mesh Barrier (VMB)

The VMB jet blast deflector system is designed in accordance with guidelines from Boeing. It is able to withstand loading from site wind conditions and the jet wake velocities distributed by taxiing aircraft in accordance with BS6399-2.

  • Standard Height: 3m, 4m, 5, 6m
  • Standard Width: 2m
  • Hot-dip Galvanised
  • Painted Options
  • Foundation Design
  • Mesh or Full screen
  • Frangible Design
  • Modular – Relocate or Extend

Angled Mesh Barrier (AMB)

The AMB jet blast deflector system utilises the same mesh configuration as the VMB, installed into an ‘A’ Frame construction.  In application the deflector is designed to ‘lean into’ the aircraft jet wake at approximately 30°.

  • Standard Height: 2.7m, 3.6m, 4.5m, 5.3m
  • Standard Width: 2m
  • Flexible Positioning
  • Hot-dip Galvanised
  • Painted Options
  • Mobile Palletised option
  • Chemical Resin Anchors

Curved Solid Barrier (CSB)

The CSB jet blast deflector system can be used for high thrust duty and break-away thrust applications, where the preference is not to use an aerodynamically and visually permeable barrier. The difference in specification between the two duty ratings is the support frame spacing.

  • Standard Height: 4m, 6m
  • Standard Width: 2m
  • Break-away or High Power
  • Galvanised or Painted options
  • Foundation Design
  • Acoustic Option

Angled Fibreglass Barrier (AFB)

This type of barrier is particularly suited when the barrier requirement may interfere with the airport ILS and radar systems, or where the barrier is required to be frangible – such as runway end locations etc, in order to prevent excessive damage to an aircraft in the event of a collision.

  • Standard Height: 3m, 4m
  • Fibreglass Corrosion Free
  • Frangible System
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Lightweight Installation

Custom Solutions

IAC Aviation has designed a range of jet blast deflectors that should cover the majority of requirements for protection of personnel and infrastructure.  We appreciate that sometimes customised requirements are needed.  Our extensive jet blast protection design and engineering experience is at your service to help you with your specific requirement. We can provide protection solutions to meet safety needs for ultra-high temperature, unique shape or even powered moveable barriers.

If you have a custom requirement, we are able to provide a full design review with CFD modelling to review the barrier effects for your specific site installation and surrounding environments We can also offer third party investigations into Radar influence of the steel barriers in specific locations.