Jet Blast Deflectors


A complete range of blast deflectors developed since 1957 offering protection from all aircraft sizes, power levels and for all locations on the airfield. BDI offers the complete range. Vertical jet blast fencing for minimum footprint. Narrow base deflectors for aerodynamic efficiency and protection of taller items/areas. Full power, including after-burner models, for take-off power and high-power engine testing.

Our range even includes FAA approved fibreglass deflectors that can be installed near ILS and radar systems, for example at the end of the runway. Frangible configurations with specialist ‘break-away’ ground anchors are available.

Whilst all deflectors are designed to minimise foundation requirements, where construction of a dedicated foundation is not wanted, or the ability to relocate the deflector in the future is required, we can palletise many of the models to offer portable, relocatable jet blast barriers.

Structure options:

  • Fully hot-dip galvanised steel structure offering excellent corrosion protection and long life
  • Easily inspected and maintained
  • Powder coating or epoxy paint
  • Aluminium structure for lighter weight
  • Fibreglass models for near ILS, radar
  • Aesthetic landside cladding option

Blast panel options:

  • Solid, hot-dip galvanized steel sheets offer full protection directly behind deflector
  • Expanded metal (mesh) offers line of sight
  • Louvred slatted design offers line of sight
  • Galvanized coating
  • Powder coating or epoxy paint in accordance with ICAO guidelines.
  • Carbon or stainless steel, fibreglass, aluminium or polycarbonate
  • Integrated acoustic panels

Anchor Options:

  • Mechanical, expansion type
  • Chemical (epoxy)
  • Cast-in-place
  • Frangible (break-away)

Security/Safety Options:

  • Obstruction lights
  • Barbed wire arms
  • Perimeter fence integration

Inspection and Maintenance Services

  • In-service support contracts, inspection certificates, repairs and maintenance services are available.