Ground Run Enclosures (GRE)


BDI designs and supplies aerodynamically efficient, acoustic ground run facilities to aircraft manufacturers, airports, MRO businesses and military fleets globally.

Our latest 4-sided GRE offers excellent usability due to BDI’s expertise in aerodynamic design, whilst offering noise protection to all four sides.

Our 3-sided GREs have been developed over the last 30 years to offer exceptional usability in a large range of wind directions, whilst offering excellent acoustic protection.

Using our market leading experience and in-house expertise, every GRE is tailored to the specific requirements of each site to promote the performance. BDI utilises the latest aerodynamic, acoustical and structural software packages, combined with scale modelling and field measurements to ensure project requirements are met.

The combination of the aerodynamically advanced Stabile Flow™ design with the effectiveness of Noise Blotter™ acoustic panels provides a stable, effective GRE with very high usability and outstanding noise reduction.


  • Four-sided GRE
  • Three-sided GRE
  • Two-sided GRE
  • Acoustic screens combined with Jet Blast Deflectors
  • Enclosed

Other features:

  • Noise Blotter™ acoustic panels
  • Stabile Flow™ Vented Side Walls
  • Vertivent™ Vented Rear Walls
  • Jet blast deflector
  • Aesthetic exterior cladding
  • Access doors
  • Acoustically treated aero vents
  • Acoustically treated front doors
  • Weather monitoring station
  • Observation cabin/ control room
  • CCTV
  • Ingress/egress guides
  • Wind condition display
  • Interior work lights
  • Motorized doors
  • Emergency vehicle access
  • 400Hz
  • PCA systems
  • Aircraft earthing
  • Communication systems
  • Fire protection / fighting equipment
  • Multi-use capability: de-icing, aircraft wash, maintenance station.
  • Various safety features