Rapiscan Systems - Explosive Detection System - RTT


High Throughput & Dynamic Window

With the belt running at 0.5 meters per second and “Dynamic Window” providing minimal gaps between bags or parcels, RTT®110 provides Industry-leading throughput, routinely exceeding 1,800 bags or 2,500 parcels per hour. More bags or parcels for fewer machines.

Bag Screening & Explosive Detection

In addition to RTT®110s’ very low false alarm at level 1, its outstanding 3D high resolution image allows alarms to be resolved quickly and accurately. It is one of the lowest level 2 reject rates in the industry while screening at the highest throughput. Quick and accurate alarm resolution offering highest operator confidence.

Low False Alarm Rates & High Resolution Imaging

With the fastest, most advanced image capture, reconstruction and EU approved Standard 3 EDS algorithm, RTT®110 provides Hold Baggage Screening class-leading false alarm rates, high resolution 3D X-ray images giving rapid, accurate alarm resolution.

Intelligent Design & Exceptional Performance

RTT®110 is super-fast. 98% of level 1, automated decisions are made within 1 second of scan departure. Images that require intervention are received by level 2 operators as they leave the machine meaning less conveyors are needed for decision time saving you vital space.

Measured by several major airports, the RTT®110 established an average saving of 7 meters in Baggage Handling System (BHS) real estate, versus the competitive systems, due to our high-speed level 1 and level 2 decisions.


Tunnel Size:

1020 x 756 mm (40.2 x 29.8 in)

Dimensions (LxWxH):

5,094 x 2,203 x 2,259 mm (200.6 x 86.7 x 88.9 inches)


Multiplex capabilities of more than 40 systems and 120+ workstations

Service Area:

914 mm (36 inch) on each side, no additional access required above or at ends.

STP Compliant: