De-Icing Wireless Communication Solutions


To safely reduce de-icing turnaround times, dBD Communications has launched a multi-user de-icing pad wireless duplex solution. The solution enables all de-icers and de-icing vehicle drivers to communicate wirelessly with one another around an aircraft, with a range of up to 150m (or 300m when extended with additional antennas).


  • Allows all de-icing operatives to talk and listen at the same time
  • Provides uninterrupted wireless communications around the aircraft
  • Speeds de-icing and aircraft turnaround times
  • Heightens situational awareness (with multiple headsets and mic options)
  • Integrates with ramp and ATC radio communications
  • The system can be easily moved from team to team

How it works 

One de-icing vehicle holds a dBD Communications flight bag containing an Apollo system base unit that connects the wireless headsets of all de-icing operatives situated within de-icing buckets. This makes it easy to move the solution between different teams.

All de-icing operatives (in buckets) have two communication paths. They can talk openly to the other de-icing operatives and drivers on the pad or communicate with their driver on an individual link.

The de-icing vehicle drivers can also speak freely with the other de-icing operatives and drivers on the pad.

An integrated solution

The solution can also integrate with your ramp or ATC radio communications so that your de-icing operatives are aware of all pad activity.

Wireless Headset Options
There are different headset and microphone options depending on whether your operatives are in a closed or open space.

Open de-icing bucket – Fully blocked headsets (with mic on or mic off buttons)

Closed de-icing bucket/vehicle drivers – Single ear headsets or a speaker and microphone instead of a headset

All wireless headsets, whether fully blocked or single ear, enable excellent uninterrupted wireless communications around the aircraft.

You can even have two or more de-icing pad solutions working side-by-side without interference.

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  • 150m wireless range
  • 2 – 16 Users
  • 27dB noise protection
  • 24hour battery life
  • Option for radio interface
  • Option for cab intercom
  • Variety of headsets to suit application and user preferences