Technical Support for Ground Handling Communications


The Endaxi system has been designed to support Ground Handling companies with the ability to reduce no fault founds (NFF’s) at the users facilities. dBD Communications recognises the importance of equipment readiness and this system will improve the availability of headsets used during Ground Handling operations.

Easy to assemble and self-contained in a waterproof case, it gives the ability to use the equipment in many environments. The product can also be powered by DC Battery, creating complete autonomy within the system. To use the equipment, most headset types are supported and the audio equipment is placed on the head provided.

A simple switch box is used to assess the serviceability of both the speakers and microphone in the headset assembly. We also have the ability to assess the functionality of the audio extension leads if required. This system will be able to test both wired and wireless solutions, with the same level of confidence.

Only one item can be tested at any one time, however a wired headset connected to an audio extension lead can be considered as one item for testing. A control switch allows the users to select either mic or speaker tests with the ability to switch between left or right speakers. You will have the ability to use the system, with just the headset or with an extension lead. In addition, wireless headsets can also be checked with the Endaxi by using the same methods applied with the wired solutions.

  • Reduce no fault found inspection fees
  • Simple switchbox function for use
  • Tests all types of airside headsets (wired/wireless)
  • Easy to assemble