Pushback and Wing Walker Wireless Communications


Give your pushback and wing walker teams the freedom to communicate wirelessly with one another (and the cockpit) around an aircraft with a range of up to 150m.

  • Provide uninterrupted wireless communications with everyone involved in pushback activity around the aircraft
  • Quicken pre-flight and pushback turnaround times
  • Increase pushback and wing walker safety
  • Introduce a portable solution for team-to-team use

How it works

Attached under the nose of the aircraft is a dBD Communications flight bag containing a Minerva Interface base unit that links to chosen communications (with a range of 150m).

  • The Tug Operative (vehicle driver) or the pushback operative (on the ground) communicates directly with the cockpit.
  • The tug driver or pushback operative uses a secondary wireless communications link (through the same headset) to communicate with the wing walkers and other dispatchers.
  • All your wing walkers and pushback operatives can listen and speak with one another at the same time.
  • Once the aircraft is ready, the flight bag is unfastened and ready to use on another aircraft.

Wireless headset and microphone options
There are different headset and microphone options depending on the environment and role of each operative.

  • Open space (ground pushback operatives and wing walkers) – Fully blocked headsets (with mic on or mic off buttons)
  • Open space (remote control tug operator) – Hands-free voice operated microphone enables full control of the tug when talking to the cockpit.
  • Closed space (tug driver) – Single ear headsets or a speaker and microphone (cab kit) instead of a headset.

To find out more and speak to us about how we can help you improve your pushback and wing walking communications, please call +44(0) 1268 724617 or email us at sales@dbdcommunications.co.uk

  • 27dB noise protection
  • 24hour battery life
  • Different mic solutions to allow for push to talk or voice activation
  • Different headset solutions to fit to your operations
  • Tug intercom solutions available
  • Option for multiple users
  • Option for radio interface
  • Untethers the user, no cables or leads to interfere
  • Freedom of movement and safety across the airfield is enhanced
  • Reliable and robust