Off Aerodrome Reporting – O.A.R


This comprehensive solution provides you with everything you need to monitor, record and analyse off aerodrome sites that may pose a bird strike risk.

  • A touch-screen tablet, equipped with GPS and camera, displays pre-configured information for speed of recording
  • A powerful set of tools offer instant trend analysis for ‘on-the-spot’ decisions and detailed data visualisation for reporting
  • Integration with the Scarecrow B.I.R.D. Tab™ System rapidly reveals correlations between off aerodrome behaviour and behaviour on the airfield itself
  • Wireless or flash drive data transfer into the Reporting Analysis Software loaded onto your airport system
  • Scheduling and automatic notifications to save you time

Over the last decade the importance of the land-use and habitats that surround airports has increasingly come under scrutiny.

Various international aviation authorities have now clearly indicated that, as a bare minimum, airports should be closely monitoring all bird strike risk within a 13-kilometre radius of their airfields.

Yet, until now, there has not been a simple, cost-effective solution to recording such data.

We have spent several years consulting with bird control decision makers at four major international airports and liaising with bird specialists and consultants as well as  the CAA, to ensure that O.A.R. offers everything that is needed to meet best practice and exercise due diligence.

Here’s how O.A.R. works:

  1. O.A.R. makes recording what is observed off aerodrome quick and simple
  2. This capture of quality data enables detailed reporting and analysis
  3. And with this your airport is best-placed to manage bird strike risk more efficiently and effectively

Here’s what O.A.R. offers:

The handheld touchscreen tablet (7” or 10”) contains:

– Pre-installed data logging software

– HD daylight readable and night mode screen

– Built-in GPS receiver

– 3MP camera

– Site survey reports highlight what has been observed on each visit, including immediate trend analyses per species and an overview of bird volume.

– Historical data is instantly accessible on site.A wide range of bespoke reports can be created using easy-to-apply filters to analyse the level of bird strike risk any particular site or specie is posing.

– All reports can be processed in various formats, such as data tables, line graphs, pie charts and bar charts

– In addition, full management reports can combine data with map images and photographic evidence taken using the tablet’s camera

– Time-saving features include built-in scheduling of site visits and notifications if action is required following a site visit

– You can quickly integrate off aerodrome reports with data collected within the aerodrome using the B.I.R.D. TabTM System to reveal correlations

– Customisable to meet any specific demands of your airport’s procedures and to allow new observed sites, linked to GPS location, to be quickly created when out completing surveys

  • Panasonic 7” Tough Pad Tablet PC
  • Dimensions: 203x132x18mm
  • Platform: Intel Core m5-6Y5Y vPro Processor on Windows 10
  • RAM: 4GB and 128GB Solid State Drive
  • LCD Touch Screen: 7” sunlight viewable WXGA Active Matrix (TFT) IPS LCD
  • Interface: USB 3.0 x 1
  • Mains Requirement: AC Adaptor Input: 100V-240V AC 50Hz/60Hz
    Output: 16V DC, 3.75A
    Battery: Lithium-Ion (7.2v, 3320mAh)
  • Vehicle Power: Input Voltage: 12 to 32vdc
    Output Power: 15v @6.0A
    Input Fuse: 15A inside adaptor
  • Internal GPS
  • Battery Life: Standard 9hrs – Recharge time 2.5hrs off; 4hrs on
  • Durability: MIL-STD-810G – IP65 with Port Covers
  • Operating Temperatures: Min -100c Max 500c @ 95% Humidity