DFW Airport and TSA Teaming to Pilot New Screening Technology

A more efficient and effective means of screening personnel through employee portals is being piloted at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, utilizing innovative technology that detects any type of hidden object.

The result of a partnership designed to strengthen airport security and improve the operational efficiency and experience of the screening process, DFW and the TSA’s Innovation Task Force team are conducting a demonstration of a next-generation people screening scanner that can detect both metallic and non-metallic objects.

We are very pleased to be working with TSA’s Innovation Task Force and our Operations team to explore new and innovative technologies that help us deliver on enhanced safety and security for our airport employees and for our passengers overall,” said DFW’s executive vice president for Innovation, Paul Puopolo.

The new Thruvision technology, coupled with an x-ray machine, will reduce the need for physical inspection of items, and enable employees to be processed quickly and in a discreet manner.

“This technology demonstration project is just part of our commitment to implement enterprise risk management best practices that take advantage of new and emerging technologies serving the aviation industry,” said Chad Makovsky, DFW’s executive vice president for Operations. “As an Innovation Task Force airport, our active partnership with TSA continues to inspire new ways of enhancing security effectiveness while providing a more seamless experience for our customers and stakeholders.