Fraport Greece: the success story of Greece's 14 Regional Airports and the new challenges for aviation and tourism

Company Corfu International Airport
Date 24.11.2023

Mr. George Vilos, Executive Director, Commercial & Business Development, Fraport Greece

The participants had the opportunity to be informed by the keynote speaker, Mr. George Vilos, Executive Director, Commercial & Business Development, Fraport Greece, on a variety of issues relating to the overall trajectory of the company and the industry in general.

The attendees were given an overview of the passenger traffic of the 14 Regional Airports for the first 10 months of 2023, the company’s initiatives and actions for the extension of the tourist season, the means and results of the promotion of the 14 destinations in Greece and abroad, as well as the challenges of the imminent future in tourism and the aviation industry.

Throughout the event, the press representatives had the opportunity to discuss with the Fraport Greece executives, to exchange views on the progress and development of the 14 regional airports, ways of managing the increased tourism demand and the need for infrastructure investments, the importance of sustainable growth and innovation in the aviation and tourism sector and, above all, the new trends and challenges of the next day.

Among other things, Mr. George Vilos, General Director of Development of Fraport Greece, stated: “The upward trend in passenger traffic at the 14 Regional Airports during the first 10 months of the year reflects the competitiveness of the Greek tourism as a product, which includes the upgrading of tourism-related infrastructure, such as these airports. Nevertheless, it is very important to remain vigilant, given the various challenges facing the broader tourism sector, which requires the continuous strengthening of the competitiveness of Greek tourism based on global trends, but also on synergies between all of us who are at the forefront of our country’s tourism chain.”

From left to right: Mr. Savvas Karagiannis, Corporate Communications Manager, Fraport Greece, Mrs. Katerina Pollatou, Airline Marketing & Development Manager/ Commercial & Business Development, Mr. George Vilos, Executive Director, Commercial & Business Development, Fraport Greece and Mr. Haris Filos, Air Service Development Manager/ Commercial & Business Development


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