Malpensa: not only Europe; The long-haul companies that are ensuring intercontinental connectivity at Malpensa.

Company Milan Malpensa Airport
Date 15.09.2020

Neos ensures four regular intercontinental flights from MXP over China and Senegal: Nanjing and Dakar are connected to Malpensa with two weekly flights for each destination. The company proved itself during the complicated months of the Italian lockdown, having operated about 80 rescue flights around the world at the peak of the pandemic.

Other long-haul companies are currently ensuring the intercontinental connectivity of Malpensa. Singapore Airlines is the most recent airline to return, with two weekly flights to Singapore, increasing to three over the next month. Delta guarantees the only direct connection with North America thanks to three weekly flights to New York, which are going to increase by a couple of frequencies in the next month. Moreover, the Gulf companies, which were the first to reactivate connections in May, are ensuring multi-day flights throughout the area: Etihad with twelve weekly flights to Abu Dhabi, Emirates with a daily flight to Dubai, and Qatar with ten weekly flights to Doha. Finally, in Africa, Ethiopian Airlines is the reference carrier with five weekly flights to Addis Ababa.


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