Work has commenced on connecting Brussels Airport to the Brussels-Leuven cycle highway

Company Brussels Airport
Date 08.09.2020

Work on the construction of a branch leading off the F3 Brussels-Leuven cycle highway to Brussels Airport commenced on 1st September Thanks to the new branch, employees, local residents and the sportier passengers can use their bike to travel to the airport in a safe, fast, and sustainable way. The realisation of this branch is a collaboration between the Flemish Region, the Province of Flemish-Brabant, the municipality of Zaventem and Brussels Airport Company.

Near the Heidestraat in Zaventem, work commences today on the construction of a branch off the F3 Leuven-Brussels cycle highway to Brussels Airport. The F3 passes along the train stations of Leuven, Herent, Veltem, Erps-Kwerps, Kortenberg, Nossegem and Zaventem and in Brussels connects to the regional cycle route 1b. With the new branch, Brussels Airport will become part of that network.

This way, anyone who works at the airport site, local residents and the sportier passengers can bike to the airport even more smoothly and safely. In normal times, about 70,000 passengers and 24,000 employees travel to the airport every day. With the construction of this connection to the cycle highway, Brussels Airport wants to make cycling to the airport more comfortable and attractive and thus encourage the use of bicycles.

The 2km-connection to the airport will be built mainly on the bed of the old railroad track. The project is a collaboration between the Flemish Government, the Province of Flemish-Brabant and the municipality of Zaventem. Brussels Airport Company is in charge of the execution of the works, which will take about four months to complete.


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