Heathrow to host 3rd British-Irish Airports EXPO, Olympia-London, June 2018

Event The British-Irish Airports EXPO 2022
Organiser PPS Publications Ltd
Event Date 22.06.2022
Press Release Date 08.09.2017

A message from John Holland-Kaye, CEO

Heathrow is proud and excited to be hosting the 3rd British-Irish Airports EXPO at Olympia London in June 2018. Aviation links are essential for the economic success of any country, particularly for island nations like the UK and Ireland. We will only have a thriving and successful economy if exporters can get overseas to set up deals, if they can get their goods to export markets efficiently, and if inward investors, tourists and students can get here easily. This EXPO gives us an opportunity to demonstrate why aviation is so important to providing jobs and growth, and why it is critical for both the UK and EU to prioritise aviation during Brexit negotiations.

With backing from the British Aviation Group, and the support of the Department for International Trade’s “Exporting is GREAT” campaign, in 2018 the British-Irish Airports EXPO will have a major focus on exporting, bringing buyers from the world’s airports to London to see for themselves the brilliant expertise that British and Irish enterprises have to offer.

While passengers will always want to fly from their local airport, there are some destinations, in particular long-haul routes to emerging markets, that can only be served economically from a hub airport. If we are to boost economic growth right across the UK, it is critical that all regions have regular direct links to Heathrow, the UK’s hub airport, by rail, coach, or air. We are delighted to have worked with British Airways and Flybe to improve connections to Inverness, Edinburgh and Aberdeen recently. With expansion we want all regions to have a direct connection to Heathrow, and our proposals to do this, which include financial support for regional routes and ring-fenced slots, have been warmly welcomed by the Regional & Business Airports Group (RABA) and other airports across the country.

We look forward to welcoming the British-Irish airports community to London, and to working together to create the vital connectivity Global Britain needs to reach its world markets, and to show the world that Britain is open for business.


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