The 6th Airport Construction Summit 2016

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2016 is Challenge and also the Opportunity. On one hand, as the public infrastructure, it has a very strong stimulating effect on the local economy. On the other hand, the competition between Airports and Aerotropolis has become tenser with the development of the globalization.

However, there still exist many problems and issues need to be solved. The issues which need to be concerned include: Security of the small and the middle-sized airport; Capacity of the full load of international airport hub; How to ensure the reasonable promotion of the non-aviation business; How to upgrade the overall capacity through technical means and reasonable management? Although this problems will not just reflect by numbers, the discussion and the solution can absolutely increase the sustainable industry development.

Under this background, the 6th Airport and Aerotropolis Development Summit will pay the most attention and invite the new and old industry friends together to push the development of the Airport and Aerotroplis. We share the latest airport construction and management and we believe that we will help your company being outstanding from the fierce competition and accelerate your business! We sincerely send this invitation letter and hope that you will come to the 6th Airport Construction Summit!

If you also have the interest to have the related award, please kindly contact the organizing committee. Thank you!

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