6th Aviation Digital Operation Congress

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The iteration of interconnection technology means the innovation of commerce mode and the subversion of traditional business forms. The cooperation between aircrafts and ground services which involves many parties will become the golden key to corner-overtaking in the aviation industry.

The application of IoT technology in aircraft, airports and ground facilities has significantly improved the safety and reliability of flights and has also revolutionized aviation MRO services. Data on the performance and health of individual aircraft components is collected and analyzed to train machine learning models for predictive maintenance that reduces costs and increases efficiency. At the same time, high-bandwidth data transmission improves the efficiency of flight operations and provide passengers with the possibility to enjoy smooth network services in the air.

Every developing step of connected technology in aviation operations, maintenance, air logistics and traffic control makes the future of smart aviation system progressive. According to statistics, in the context of good prospects for the development of satellite Internet, China has more than 200 aircraft with aerial Internet service capabilities, and the investment market in the field of connected aircraft is still expected to further expand.

On July 3, the Civil Aviation Administration of China proposed in the Guiding Opinions on Implementing the Overall Deployment of Digital China Construction and Accelerating the Construction and Development of Smart Civil Aviation, to moderately advance the construction of network infrastructure, optimize the resource structure of civil aviation communication networks, accelerate the application of the Beidou Navigation Satellite System and the construction of a new generation of aviation broadband communication infrastructure, and improve the data transmission capacity and carrying capacity of civil aviation.

According to the 14th Five-Year Plan, by 2025, the proportion of cabin ground-air communication network coverage should reach more than 60%, and more than 80% of domestic large and medium-sized hub airports provide a variety of in-flight Internet services for flights. By 2030, high-speed and economical in-flight Internet services will be fully realized on domestic routes. Thus, China’s aviation Internet industry still has great potential for development.

This forum will focus on 5G AeroMACS technology application, Beidou Navigation Satellite System status, front and rear cabin collaboration, interconnected airborne equipment reliability, smart cabin, airline business model and other sections. Meanwhile, the conference will invite guests from CAAC, airlines, OEM, leading research institutes, senior scientific research institutes and supply enterprises to participate in the forum, which is expected to be more than 200 people to jointly promote the development of aviation Internet industry.

Hot Topics

  1. Application of New Technology in Aviation Interconnection
  2. Construction and Application of 5G AeroMACS, Empowering Smart Civil Aviation 5G AeroMACS
  3. Front and Rear Collaborative Applications to Release Potentials of Air to Ground Connection
  4. The Connected Facilitates Help Safe Driving of the Front Cabin and Digital Transformation of Arilines
  5. New Connectivity Software Solutions Jets Enhance the On-Board Experience

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