8th Annual Commercial Aero Engine International Forum

Event Information

After 70 years of accumulation and development, the aero-engine moves towards a high-quality new stage. According to the 14th Five-Year Plan, the aero-engine industry should accelerate the development and verification of key materials of advanced aero-engines, promote the development of civil large culvert ratio turbofan engine products, break through in the key technology of wide-body passenger aircraft generators, and realize the industrialization of advanced civil turboshaft engines. Aviation industry is in the direction of independent innovation, improving quality and reliability, international cooperation, research and development investment and sustainable development.

According to the Commercial Aviation Market Forecast 2022-2041 forecast released by Boeing, by 2041, the number of Chinese jets (turbofan regional jets, single-aisle jets and dual-aisle jets) will reach 10,007, accounting for 21% of the world, and China’s share in the global market will continue to increase. At present, facing energy consumption, environmental pressure, complex international forms and competitive changes, aero-engine technology urges to progress, and constantly introduce new configurations and new concepts.

This forum focuses on cutting-edge technology topics including aero engine design and development, industrial policy and development trend, new energy aviation, new technology and new materials, advanced test and testing, metrology technology, simulation, parts processing technology, engine maintenance and maintenance under the background of dual carbon. At that time, the conference will gather guests from the Bureau, host units, industry leading research units, senior scientific research institutes, excellent parts supply enterprises to participate in the forum, which is expected to be more than 200 people to jointly promote the innovative, efficient and sustainable development of the aviation engine industry.

Hot Topics

  1. Aero Engine Development and Innovation in the Context of Low Carbon
  2. Explore the Construction of the Next Generation Aero-engine Airworthiness Regulation System
  3. The Analyzation of Global MRO Market of Commercial Aircraft Engine
  4. Exploration and Practice of Commercial Aero Engine Maintenance Simulation Method and AR system
  5. Engine Value Evaluation and Salvage Value Management
  6. New Development and Application of Aero-Engine Composites
  7. Research on New High Temperature and Oxidation Resistant Composite Materials in Aerospace Field
  8. Case Analysis and Process Breakthrough of Additive Manufacturing Technology for Aero Engine

Organizing Committee

Hosted by

  • Shanghai Society of Aeronautics

Co-hosted by

  • Taicang Municipal People’s Government
  • AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd.

Supported by

  • Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China
  • China Eastern Airlines
  • BAOWU Special Metallurgy Co., Ltd.

Organized by

  • Taicang Investment Promotion Bureau
  • Taicang Industrial Promotion Co., Ltd.
  • Galleon (Shanghai) Consulting Co., Ltd.

Journal Support

  • Aerospace Power
  • Advances in Aeronautical Science and Engineering
  • Gas Turbine Experiment and Research
  • Journal of Materials Engineering
  • Journal of Aeronautical Materials


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