Air Traffic Control Tower Design & Construction

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Given the increasing air traffic volume due to heighten demanded from travelling activities in recent years, it has resulted in the needs for global airports to further expand their airport capacity along with the addition of Air Traffic Control Tower as the central hub for coordination of numerous aircraft movements through an airfield runway.

Whether building a new control tower on a new airfield or replacing an existing control tower, planning on the height and location is the first aspect of design crucial to be addressed. Furthermore, the development of new Control Tower offers the opportunity to create a landmark structure that is the symbolic reference for the airport as well as the country itself. Therefore, a strategic project planning and controlling in establishing new Air Traffic Control Tower is vital in order to achieve maximum project efficiency and functionality.


  • Conducting preliminary project requirements analysis to identify the amount of resources needed and cost estimation
  • Incorporating environmental and energy conservation concerns upon air traffic control tower project planning
  • Ensuring project site does not penetrate obstacle limitation surfaces and complies with airport operational safety standards
  • Setting up thorough soil and foundation analysis to enhance project feasibility
  • Establishing strategic aerodrome safeguarding upon construction work in progress to avoid disturbance on airport operation
  • Understanding the different options on construction methodology to increase project efficiency and reduce operational cost
  • Developing effective construction planning upon air traffic control tower design development phase

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