Airport Power Systems Installation & Maintenance

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Airports’ power systems are inarguably complex and are essential to enable heavily powered and constantly operated functions. Millions of people every day rely on the performance and safety of airports’ electricity power supplies, from lighting, baggage handling, HVAC systems to taking off and landing aircrafts. The necessity to ensure airports’ power systems operating efficiently at optimal conditions therefore is critical and there exists numerous international standards for strict power supply and lighting provision.

There are nonetheless prevailing issues that airports’ technical services require significant improvements, especially in small-to-medium scale airports. The issues range from monitoring and protecting electrical devices from power supply instability, potential safety compromises, rising harmonic distortion, improvements in preventive/predictive maintenance methods, lighting installation and standards, handling unforeseen circumstances. From the Airport Operators’ and Aviation Authorities’ perspectives, equally important to consistent performance, reliability and safety of electrical power system is optimal operational costs resulted from employment of workforce and regular maintenance.

Meanwhile, the demands on airport systems’ installation and maintenance will unceasingly grow to even significantly greater magnitude as the number of commercial departures is expected to double globally over the next 20-25 years thanks to the trends of globalisation, urbanisation and modernisation.

Perceiving the growing demand for airports’ effective operation of electrical power supply, this 5-day course has been designed to provide you with a complete guide to installation and maintenance methods and in addition to presentations of the subjects, participants will be challenged in actual project case studies to apply the principles discussed.

This is the ONLY Electrical Power System Training Course in the world focused on Airport’s Power Supplies!

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