Effective Aviation Marketing & Non-Aeronautical Revenues Training

Event Information

The purpose of this course is to provide senior commercial and route development directors, airport finance, marketing and operation managers and directors with the skills to grow their business through developing new routes and increase frequencies at their destinations, to optimize non-aeronautical revenue development, and to understand the role of new marketing models and in technologies in developing strategic plans.

Learning Objectives

  • Use the various information sources available to research the passenger markets at your destination and to identify opportunities for new routes and increased frequencies;
  • Advertise your strengths in comparison to the competition;
  • Understand your airline customers and how they evaluate opportunities from a financial and network perspectives;
  • Identify relevant airlines to target based on network, location and aircraft type;
  • Develop a targeted campaign management system to ensure the optimum approach to developing your business;
  • Present a route development proposal to an airline;
  • Overview of successful airline marketing strategies;
  • Market research, route selection and network planning; and
  • Marketing Communication

Course Content

  • Catchment area, market size, segmentation and seasonality;
  • Local economy, tourism and demographics;
  • Data sources including MIDT and PAXIS;
  • Competitor offerings, products;
  • Exploiting your catchment area;
  • The value of your market to airlines;
  • What are airlines looking for in airports and how do they make new route decisions?;
  • How to improve your forecasting capability;
  • What constitutes a profitable opportunity?;
  • Sectors covered: full service scheduled airlines, low cost carriers, tour operators, charter airlines and cargo carriers;
  • Identify fleet requirements;
  • Estimates of traffic and load factor;
  • Estimates of fares, operating costs and potential route profitability;
  • Securing the meeting with the airlines and presenting detailed proposals;
  • Presentation of the formal term sheet;
  • Negotiation of charges and agreements;
  • Commercial marketing knowledge; and
  • Airlines, airports and destination marketing
  • The training fee is £1500 per participant

Should you have any queries or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Oksana Mottershead at oksana@okcis.co.uk


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