FOD Drone Habitat & Safety (FDH&S)

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When it comes to identifying threats and hazards, FOD, drones, and wildlife all feature highly on the checklist. For every civil and military aerodrome, aircraft operator, and regulator, safety and security are of paramount concern. As the risks and hazards emerge and evolve, the industry has to adapt & advance its responses and pre- empt future hazards. The experiences of other airports help us learn how to apply best practices in terms of procedures, technology, and efficiency in order to continually evaluate and contain the threats and hazards of the future.

The FDH&S series uses the most compelling case studies to explore the potential impact of these risks and how to stretch budgets by increasing efficiency.

Each Wednesday is split into two, bite-sized, virtual 90- minute sessions covering all aspects of airfield operations and best practices within FOD, drones, habitat and safety.


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