Pavement Rehabilitation, Materials and Maintenance

Event Information

Ultra Thin Friction Course (UTFC) and Bitumen Rubber Asphalt Semi Open Grade (BRASO) become more and more popular as runways rehabilitation materials in Africa Airports. As a result, it’s important for you to investigate these new pavement materials; be familiar with the properties of different pavement surface mix types; and more importantly you should know the practical techniques in order to properly take care of your new runway pavement.

Equip Global’s 4 day Pavement Rehabilitation, Materials & Maintenance training is specially customised for African airports Engineering and Maintenance professionals. It will help you deeply understand different pavement materials and their properties. You will have a better understanding of pavement assessment and evaluation, and eventually you will be able to choose the most appropriate pavement materials and mix. You will also garnering practical knowledge if effective pavement maintenance and preservation.

Unlike other events, this training course will be packed with case-studies, proven best practices and content specific to your needs.

Why You Should Attend

  • Garnering tips and techniques for structural evaluation, runway friction monitoring and surface condition assessment
  • Build a foundation knowledge of alternate pavement materials and their properties related to engineering and maintenance
  • Compare the usability and durability of different alternate pavement materials – analysing the cost- effectiveness and ROI
  • Special emphasis on innovative pavement management systems and use of alternative materials for sustainable pavement design
  • Determine the actual need of your airport and choose appropriate pavement rehabilitation option
  • Investigate the most popular pavement materials like Ultra Thin Friction Course (UTFC) and Bitumen Rubber Asphalt Semi Open Grade (BRASO)
  • Develop the most effective maintenance and preservation plans to achieve greater runway usability and durability

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is designed for airport operators and aviation authorities from but not limited to following department/functions:

  • Airfield Engineering
  • Airfield Maintenance
  • Engineering Project Development
  • Engineering, Planning and Development
  • Infrastructure and Utility Management
  • Surface Maintenance
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Airfield Pavement Engineering
  • Airport Standards